Saturday, November 28, 2009


So, I have some bad news. No photos from the event as I was unable to go thanks to Mother Nature. It started snowing around noon, but it was warm so the snow all melted on the road, then it snowed more and got cold and turned all the roads into sheets of ice. By the time I got off work at six, it was terrible. The make a long story short, I almost went in the ditch, slid sideways into someone, barely made it up a hill and, after three hours, was not even halfway home (my commute is usually twenty minutes). After three hours, I was fed up, but I had to wait thirty minutes to be able to pull off onto a residential street, since no one was moving as no one could get up a hill ahead. Finally I was able to pull into a residential area and park. So after trying to get home for three and a half hours, I started walking. After another hour and fifteen minutes, I made it to the nearest train station, where my boyfriend met me (thank goodness for cell phones). We took the train to the station near our house and walked the last twenty minutes home. I finally got home at 11:30, which meant I had missed the event (and had no car to get there even if I hadn't).

But on the bright side, I do have an outfit picture of what I wore today to go get my car (thank goodness a friend gave me a ride to it). And I'm even wearing the vest I got last week!

Vest: Juma
Tee: Bluenotes
Jeans: French Connection
Boots: Shelley's


Marian said...

oh no honey big hug about the disappoinment. Mother nature always gets her way.Hope you get to go something fab soon to makeup for the disappoinment. In the mean while,glad you made it home safely.
stay fab

e.l. said...

aw..sorry about the 3 hours to get home..I hate those first snow storms of the season. Love the vest & the boots too.

cass and cady said...

I'm glad you are home safe. cool boots!

the oaks said...

What a trip that must have been. I hope the roads are better now. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend in spite of everything.

Love those boots. Nice long vest too.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that you couldn't go... the weather in winter can be really tricky.

daisychain said...

aw, I'm sorry you couldn't go! x

janettaylor said...

Oh, sorry.


meraldia said...

Oh, I am really sorry about that. At least you are safe and you can attend much more fashion events in the future!

simon n josh said...

aw...I wish they could reschedule it or something. So cool, the jeans and vest, your boots too.

Hope you are having a good Sunday.

Cait said...

I'm glad you and the car are OK. I can't believe they didn't have the roads ready for the storm..usually, here they are always up on that. Thankfully..but you just never know..especially, when ice is involved.

You look great!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm sorry to hear about the disappointment - but there will be other events. Much better ones, in fact! At least you looked gorgeous - loving the vest! :)

Couture Carrie said...

I'm sorry, darling!

You look lovely!


Marian said...

hi honey hope you had a lovely weekend

bryna said...

mother nature always does that!