Friday, October 30, 2009

Models for Climate Change

Maybe it's my university background in ecology, but I've always been rather fond of this lovely, somewhat messed-up place we call earth. And, thankfully, I'm not the only one. Here are some fabulous models I think you'll recognize who want you to help reduce our carbon emmissions!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still Lucky

Apparently, my lucky streak is continuing. Yesterday the mail arrived before I left for work and I had won something else from Fashion's huge giveaway! This time, I won a stick of Avon mineral lipstick in Plum Craze. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it or give it to my mom. I don't wear lipstick very often, so if she likes the colour, she will probably get more wear out of it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend outfit and O.M.G. I am the luckiest person ever!

On Saturday my mom unexpectedly came into the city and we went to the new mall just outside the city limits, CrossIron Mills. Oh my goodness, this mall is huge! And has lots of great stores (French Connection, BCBG, Nine West, H&M, XXI, Browns), many of which are also outlets, carrying older, reduced merchandise. Luckily for me, on the weekend we went, French Connection had a 3 day sale with all of their regular price items on for 40% off. I ended up buying a really pretty, partially sheer black top and a pair of jeans (they were already on sale). I also bought a new clutch from Nine West that was on sale, then an additional 40% off. I'm probably going to have to put it away until spring, but I love it!

On Sunday, I wore all my new clothes to go to my sewing meet-up group. It was fun, there was a couple new people, but it's still pretty small. It will grow though! I also met my first ever real-life blogger. Check out her blog here!

Top: French Connection
Tank (underneath): Banana Republic
Jeans: French Connection
Clutch: Nine West

I meant to post all of this up yesterday, but it was overshadowed by the most amazing thing ever! I got home from work and there was a package sitting on my steps. I was curious as to what it was, since I wasn't expecting any packages. It had my address on it and a return address from NY that I didn't recognize. I opened it, things clicked into place and I was completely shocked. But first, some background. Fashion, a magazine I subscribe to, did a huge giveaway in Sept/Oct and I was one of the lucky winners. And my prize? A new coat. But not just any new coat; a Dsquared2 coat! I honestly thought I was dreaming! So I am now the proud owner of my first designer item. It's so awesome (although a little on the small side)! Still can't quite believe it!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Backstage at Chanel

I love these gorgeous backstage photos from the Chanel show and wanted to share. I also think it's kind of interesting how some of the models even give 'looks' to the cameras backstage. (Photos from

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dressing Your Age

Usually I tend to think that the idea of dressing one's age is outdated, but sometimes I can't help it. That's how I felt when I looked at photos of Taylor Momsen at the Whitney. Don't get me wrong, I love Gossip Girl and I also love the first single, Blender, from her band, The Pretty Reckless, but she is sixteen! Maybe I'm old fashioned, but the slit on that dress is mighty high and caused a few dangerously revealing shots. I'm 21 and I'm pretty sure my dad would want to have a serious talk with me if I wore that. What do you guys think? Do you agree or am I being old-fashioned? (Photos from

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Few Happy Things

I've have a few happy things to share. First of all, I had design class last night, where is fitted our muslin shells. Mine was pretty good, except the hips of my shell were too round, my side seam needed to move back and my back darts were too close together. So a few alterations for next wekk. As well, I need to draft, cut out and attach a muslin waistband. Here is the fitted shell.

The next thing is both exciting and scary: a new sewing project. Well, it's only scary because I want to be finished it by Sunday when I have my sewing meet-up group. Yes, I leave things to the last minute... Anyway, our mettup challenge (we like to give ourselves challenges and pretend we are on Project Runway) was to find a photo that inspired us, then make something inspired by this photo. Choosing the photo was hard and I only choose the photo and design last week and am starting it now! The photo I chose was a Nine West ad from last year and I was inspired by the pretty plum colour. I'm making this Cynthia Rowley skirt out of black and plum taffeta, so hopefully I will be able to post that up soon. Here is where I am currently, a mess of pattern pieces and an lot of purple taffeta.

And the last thing I have to share is the most exciting and happiest of all! Pudding and Pie will be covering ARTWear 2009! ARTWear us a great fundraiser done by the Art Gallery of Calgary which supports arts in local schools. ARTWear consists of a fashion show, Fashion Trunk Show Auction, Silent Auction and musical enterainment by local band Kyemara. And Adejoke Taiwo (from Project Runway Canada, who got sent home way to early and soul have been in the finals) will be designing a line under her label alala. The folks from the Art Gallery of Calgary were kind enough to send me a ticket for the November 6th event. I will do a full post on ARTWear later this month, but if you are from Calgary or will be in the Calgary area at that time, please consider attending! It's for a great cause and sounds like a great time!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pattern Drafting

Sorry for the post-less weekend. I meant to take some outfit photos, as I did debut my Member's Only leggings (even though I think the further I went was the grocery store and Wendy's). Maybe next weekend.

Anyhow, tonight is my design class, where we will be fitted with our master pattern muslin skirt we drafted in full scale, then made out of muslin. Because it's for fitting, all of the seams are on the outside. I think mine is pretty good, except it doesn't fit at all through my wonky hips. I'll show you anyother photo once it's been fitted tonight.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Thanks to Janet from Jannetteria for this great tag!

Where's your cell phone
: beside my computer
Your hair: wet and covered by a toque
Your mother: independent
Your father: busy
Favorite food: candy
Dream last night: Something about trying to figure out the difference between chicken and duck meat.
Favourite drink: juice
What room are you: computer room
Hobbie: blogging, sewing and riding my horse
Fear: being alone
Where were you last night: work, then home
Something that you aren't: tidy
Muffins: banana nut
Where did you grow up: on a small ranch near Calgary, Canada
What are you wearing: striped toque (Joe Fresh Style), jeans (Brody), blue socks, white star shirt (homemade) and my red coat (H&M). No shoes, as I'm in my house.
Your pets: My horses, Scarface and Lily
Friends: fun
Something you're not wearing: shoes
Favorite store: Aritzia
Favorite color: green
Last time you laughed: yesterday (I've only been awake for an hour)
Your best friend: I haven't had one since jr. high.
Place you go to over and over: my Mom and Dad's
Person who emails you regurarly: Dad
Favorite place to eat: my boyfriend's mom's (she is a great cook)

And I tag whomever has a spare moment and wants to do this!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whatever happened to fall?

I think we honestly had about 5 days of fall this year. Right now, it is very cold and snowy. The high was -8 C and it snowed a lot early this morning, making my morning commute very slow (55 minutes compared to the usual 20). It was super icy as well! However, it's supposed to be 21 C on Saturday. What can I say, it's crazy Alberta weather.

However, a nice surprise was waiting for me when I got home. The chickdowntown giveaway I won from Su at the Stiletto Effect present arrived. The prize was a pair of velvet Members Only leggings. As soon as I opened the package, I put them on and let me tell you, they are super comfy! I kept touching my legs because of the soft velvet! Plus they were wrapping in cute paper! Hopefully they will appear in an outfit post soon. Posting should become more regular soon, as I had a slew of family issues to deal with over the weekend. Also, I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving (at least everyone who celebrates it in October)!

Also, as Monday was a holiday, my design class was canceled, which was good, because I haven't finished my homework yet. Here is a photo of the skirt pattern I've drafted from my measurements. Now I just have to make the pattern pieces, cut out the muslin and baste it together. Sorry the draft is so light and hard to see.

Also, the folk at Alberta Fashion Week turned out to be complete flakes. They never called me to arrange my volunteering times and I tried to call the only person involved who's phone number I had and left a message asking her to call me, but she never did. Very disappointed.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Alexander McQueen

Sorry for the short post, I've been very busy with family stuff, but am planning on posting something more substantial soon. Is anyone else blown away by the shows at Alexander McQueen show. They are unlike anything I have ever seen. i still have no clue what to think about them.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New dressform

So, this post is a little late, but it's finally here. I had an enjoyable time at the horse sale on Friday. I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a while, which is always nice. My parents didn't end up buying the horse they were looking at, so they are still looking for a new stallion.

My dressform course was pretty neat on Saturday. Basically, you partner up and wrap your partner in butcher's tape, make sure it is almost dry (you can use a blowdryer to help), then cut your partner out it and patch up the back. Unfortunately, the room we were in was super hot and part way through I got sick because of the heat (it upsets my stomach), so my dressform was finished up outside by my partner and the instructor. I felt bad for them because it was actually really cold out! Thankfully though, we finished and I now have a snazzy new dressform that is exactly my shape (which was totally weird to see). Now I just need to get my dad to weld a stand for it. Then we can say goodbye to Matilda and hello to Megan Jr.!

I will update on the progress of my design course tonight or tomarrow!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Real Life


I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here, even if my posting has slowed down lately. Real life has been getting in the way. But don't worry, this has been good real life things.

First of all, I've enroled in a fashion design course and my first class was last Monday. I'm so excited! The first thing we are learning is how to draft master patterns, starting with a skirt. I am very excited to learn how to design clothing. Perhaps an esty store is in the works!

Second, I got a last minute invitation to volunteer at Alberta Fashion Week. I will be volunteering at the front of house, so if you decide to come to the shows, make sure to say hello. While I enjoy working backstage, this way I can check out all the street fashion as it comes in the door!

Finally, my weekend plans (which I will try to photograph, as I want to share more of what I do on this blog). This morning (no work today) I need to go shopping for my last minute supplies for my design course (muslin etc.). Then this afternoon and evening I am going to Red Deer to a horse sale with my parents. No plans on buying anything though, I need to saw for a trip next summer.

Tomarrow I am in a dressform making course. I'll be making a dressform that is exactly my shape (cool and a little scary). While I love Matilda (seen here), I wanted a new one because a. Matilda can't actually move enough to be my measurements and b. she is not mine in the first place. I will post up the results here Saturday night or Sunday.

Sunday, back to work. But I may be volunteering helping set up the space for ABFW Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evening.

Have a good weekend everyone!