Tuesday, June 29, 2010

YMI jeans review

Recently, YMI jeans approached me to do a review on a pair of their jeans. I love jeans and they're perfect for my job, so I quickly agreed. After perusing their website, I finally decided on the Belted Skinnies. When I they arrived, I was excited to test them out! Overall, I was impressed. The fit was good; they had a bit of stretch so they hugged curves nicely, but not so much that they continually fall off. Also a big consideration for me was the length. I'm on the tall side (5'8") and too-short pants are a pet peeve of mine, so the places I get my pants are a bit limited. However, these came in a 33" inseam, which was prefect! The colour was great and goes with everything and they even came with a belt! Added value! The only thing I didn't love was that the stitching on the back waist was a little itchy, but it only bothered me for the first few minutes I was wearing them. Overall, I like these jeans a lot and would buy them (especially because they have such a reasonable price of $38).

The folks at YMI asked me to answer a few questions that will be posted on their blog and I thought I'd like the share the answers with you as well!

It’s obvious from your blog that you absolutely love high fashion, but what do you love about denim?

I love denim because it's easy, practical and chic. Jeans look great with pretty much everything and will stand up to whatever situations you find yourself in! Plus I work in a laboratory, so I need my legs covered, meaning lots of jeans for me!

What musician or band is dominating your playlist right now?

Queen and the White Stripes are my all time favourite bands, but lately I've been really into Vampire Weekend.

What fashion item can you not live without?

I cannot live without cute flats! I love anything with adorable patterns, especially the Eleanor Keds.

What is your favorite fashion trend of the summer?

I'm really love high waisted shorts, especially cuffed demin pairs!

We love Etsy and feature designers every Wednesday on our blog. Which Etsy shops are you addicted to?

I love ChinaCherie and Neskita has the cutest stuff for kids. Also, my friend Lina's shop Savage Grace Designs.

What do you like about YMI Jeans? How do the style, fit and wash compare to other brands you like.

I really like my YMI jeans! They fit great, are long enough in the leg and are super stylish!

If you had all the money in the world, what item of clothing would you buy?

A John Galliano gown. Then an Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 dress (if I have the the money in the world, I'm getting two things!)

What item of clothing did you see online, not buy and then regret your decision later?

Everything from Anthropologie! I keep wanting to go to the actually store instead, but it's a three hour drive. Maybe in a couple weeks! Or else I will have to order off the website.

If you had to describe your personal style in 3 words, what would they be?

Classic, Colourful and Fun.

Don't worry, I'm not the only one getting spoiled by YMI! They are also offering you, my awesome readers, a chance to get your own pair of Belted Skinnies on the cheap! Just enter YMIFASHIONPIE and you will get 40% of your own pair of belted skinnies! But be quick, the code is only good for 48 hours!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

What I Want: Tracy Reese

Wow, I am offically completely in love with Tracy Reese's adorable dresses! I want them all! (Photos from tracyreese.com)

Friday, June 25, 2010

What I Want: Menswear Vests

It might not have shown up in my wardrobe yet, but I'm really into wenswear pieces lately. Especially vests. I'm not sure why, they just seam really cool right now. What do you think? (Photos from forwardfoward.com and shopbop.com)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Match-y Match-y

I felt a little match-y match-y in this outfit because my shirt totally matched my shoes, but it was kind of fun! I've been a bit of a bad blogger, meaning to post all week, but never quite getting it done. Anyway, as always, I will try to post more frequently and get caught up in replying to comments! Lots of love and stay tuned for something exciting on Tuesday!

Top: Nitrogen
Jeans: Bluenotes
Vest: Juma
Shoes: Adidas

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mid-week Off Day

I prefer to have weekends off, since my boyfriend does and we can hang out (and my parents do, so I can go visit), but once in a while it's nice to have a week day to yourself. I didn't work yesterday because I had to work last weekend, and I really enjoyed just hanging out by myself. I went shopping, bought my dad his father's day gift and my mom her birthday present. Unfortunately, it was storming and at one point the wind was so strong it blew my umbrella inside out and caused me to spill hot chocolate all down the front of my new coat. That's right, I didn't just shop for others, I spoiled myself a bit as well with new shoes, a new bag, a new coat, some pjs and 4 new pairs of tights. Everything was on sale, so lucky me! The new shoes and bag were from Payless (this is honestly the first time I've bought anything there) and the rest is from Joe Fresh (I love Superstore! You can buy groceries and cute clothes!). Here's me yesterday when it stopped raining long enough for me to snap some outfit pics. Don't worry, the car was off when I took the one of my shoes!

Coat: Joe Fresh Style
Top: Wilfred
Leggings: Members Only
Shoes: Airwalk
Bag: Payless

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fashion Show

As some of you may know, I've been in a fashion design class for the past few months, learning the basics of draping and drafting and pattern design. As a year-end event, we did a fashion show to let friends and family check out of designs. Not too many of the students stuck it out to the end (I think it was a lot harder than most of them thought), but the four of us that did show had a lot of fun. I only finished one thing, but here's the dress I designed and made. Also, here's the rest of the class in some of thier creations.

Dress: my own design
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Expressions
Belt: Bootlegger

Monday, June 7, 2010

Zero + Maria Cornejo Resort 2011

Zero + Maria Cornejo is my favourite collection thus far of resort 2011. I love the patterns; I love the colours; I love the draping; I love it all. I wish it would magically get lost in my closet! (Photos from style.com).

Also, if you are in the Calgary area, I would highly recommend going to the Sex and the City party I've posted on the side bar. Some friends of mine are hosting it and I just know it will be a blast!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kathrine Heigl for Harper's Bazaar

Aren't these photographs of Katherine Heigl for Harper's Bazaar gorgeous? I love the glamerous, oldschool hollywood feel of them. Plus the clothes are beautiful and there's cute dogs to boot! (Photos from harpersbazzar.com)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alexander Wang Resort 2011

Crop tops, leather shorts and studded-bottom bags. What more did you expect from Alexander Wang? While I can't say I'm completely on the Wang bandwagon, I've always liked some pieces from each of his collections. In this resort collection, there was some gorgeous draping. Despite the presence of leather and coats, the collection felt light and 'resort'.What do you think? (Photos from style.com)