Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alberta Fashion Week- Night 6

I'm sad to announce that this is the end of my coverage of ABFW. I was unhappy to no longer have amazing fashion shows to attend every night, but I am getting a lot more sleep this week (and I didn't even stay for any afterparties). The first show of the final night, Jason Matlo, was also my favourite of the evening. I loved the draped dresses and interesting ruffles. The colour palette consisted of black, grey and silver and the collection showcased lots of cinched waists and sparkles.

The second show of the evening, Chi Chi Couture by Holly Allen, was a lot more colourful than the first. With lots of jewel-toned jackets, feathers as fur, this collection was aimed at an older clientele, women between 35 and 55. The jewellery on the models was also designed by Holly Allen as part of her Chi Chi Couture line.

The evening (and week) closed with a menswear show by KaaDiki, designed by Haithem Elkadiki. There was a very strong military inspiration for this show. It's a bit harder for me to talk about menswear, since I don't know much about it, but there were some really cool pieces that keep boys from looking boring and alike. Plus if I had the money, I'd buy the blue vest for my boyfriend.

Also, tomorrow will be a very exciting day on Pudding and Pie; I'm holding a contest! You'll have to wait for tomorrow to find out what it is, but I'll tell you now that I'm super excited and there is even a prize for the winner! Stay tuned!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Alberta Fashion Week- Night 5

Sorry for the delay in posting, my bf has been hogging our bandwidth all week. Night 5 of ABFW was one of my favourites of the week. I love that there were 5 shows in one night, plus the deisgners were really great! The first show of the night was by Caitin Power. The collection was elegantly done in dark colours and touches of velvet. Emphasis was placed on shoulders and hips, but it ways that were still flattering.

The second show of the night, House of Nonie, was defintely a lot of fun. It opened with a group of dancers bustin' moves all over the runway, then morphed into a more traditional fashion show. The collection included velour, lots of gold accents and embraced the return of the shoulderpad.

The third collection of the night was a collaboration between Shelley Kanyo and Andy Court. This collection clearly referenced the old west, but was also inspired by Italian gondliers. I liked the prairie-style dress and there was some very interesting takes on menswear.

My favourite show of the nigt was Daleia Wearables by designer Kyle Nylund. The collection was beautiful and elegant, with a touch of whimsy and great patterns. Nylund does a lot of work in theatre and it came through in the dramatic quality of his garments.

The final show of the evening was by Jessica Halabi. Halabi described her collection as girlie and inspired by ballerinas. There was a lot of patent mixed with full skirts and delightful colours.

On the whole, the night was a lot of fun and I was very impressed with the designers' work.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Alberta Fashion Week- Night 4

Last night at Alberta Fashion Week was great. What an amazing group of shows! The first show of the night was Anji.K. From black lace tops to one long dangling earring, this show was really edgy of cool. That's one of the motifs I've seen from ABFW is the edgy style of fashion we have here in Alberta. I also enjoyed the variety of volumes in the show, with both fitted and billowy pieces.

The second show of the night, Defy Gravity, was super playful. The designer described the collection as "fun, freedom, movement, colour" and these were perfect adjectives! Lots of volume mixed with bandeua tops and amazing hair pieces!

The third show of the night, by NRT, was inspired by the Lady Gaga no pants trend. Lots of leg-less body suits and jackets with crazy long sleeves. Definitely high on the cool/innovation chart!

Pout, the fourth show of the night, was also very cool and edgy. The designer described her collection as "rock n roll" with black and pink making up the majority of the clothing. I love the jacket with short ruffle sleeves. More exposed midriffs in this show as well.

The final show of the night, Madame Wolf, was amazing. I loved the feathered headdress and fringe-y, Canadiana styles. The fur was a cool addition, though I'm not sure if it's real or fake. What an amazing finale to a great night of shows!

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