Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Paris Apocalypse

I'm very impressed by the work done by nineteen74. If you haven't checked it out here, have a look, it's pretty cool. They do a bunch of projects in major cities around the world (none in Canada yet though). The latest one in Paris Apocalypse, which a I think it really great. You can check out the story behind the shot here. Oh, and they've released this great behind the scenes video which is pretty cool. (Photo and video from


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Belated birthday and.... Canada's Next Top Model

So I just realized that I totally missed my blog's birthday! It was on the twentieth. So happy birthday to you my dear blog and I'm sorry I neglect you from time to time!

Tonight is the premier of the next season of Canada's Next Top Model. I know a lot of people are sick of the whole top model idea, but I just can't stop watching it! And I'm excited because it's the Canadian version, which hasn't been on in a while. Plus it's hosted by Jay Manuel, so no over-the-top, melodramatic Tyra-ness for us!

So here are my top three picks jugding from the beauty shots and the pieces of the application videos I could watch (a bunch would only play a few seconds). The link at the bottom is to their audition video (it'll probably only work if you're from Canada). (Photos from


Heather's video had no sound, but I thought it was adorable anyway. I think she's very pretty (hopefully not too pretty) and I'm excited to see what they do for her makeover.


Nikita showed a lot of confidence in her application video and seemed like she had a lot of personality, which can be really important. Overall, she seemed like a really cool person.


Out of all of the girls, Tara seemed to want to Canada's next top model most, so I'm glad she's getting the chance. She's gorgeous and I'm excited to see more of her and all the other girls tonight!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finally summer

It's finally been warm this weekend. I'm excited to finally start wearing skirts and shorts (no tights). Here's what I wore to go out for supper with the bf tonight.

I don't look quite so happy now. I had some bad news from my mom and dad. One of their baby foals had to be put down today because he had broken ribs that punctured his lungs. Not the happiest of phone calls.

Jacket: Talula, Tank: Body Bleu, Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger, Shoes: Feet First, Necklace: Buffalo David Bitton, Purse: no tag.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Brights at Bottega Veneta

It seems that we will be spending our holidays decked out in all manners of brights if Bottega Veneta has anything to say about it. The variety of hues shown in the resort 2010 covers the entire rainbow, from purple to green to bubblegum pink. The odd brown dress does make an appearance, but of course paired with a brightly hued bag. Those of you wary of colour may not love this collection, but a self-proclaimed colour-lover like myself is definately on board. I especially love the purple outift! (Photos from

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cannes 2009

I would absolutely love to go to Cannes for the great movies and, more importantly, great fashion! All of the formal, red-carpet events showcase the trends of the season in eveningwear and serve as inspiration should I ever find myself trying to dress for a red carpet. My favourite looks thus far have come from (in order of photos): Miranda Kerr, Aishwarya Rai, Robin Wright Penn, Rachel Weisz, Eva Longoria, Michelle Yeoh, Dita Von Teese, Devon Aoki and Abbie Cornish (favourite dress of all). (Photos from and

Friday, May 15, 2009

Time for a holiday

Ahh! Sorry for not updating for so long, I've been busy and crazy and, well, any number of excuses. But, I love you if you manage to find your way back here!

The Chanel 2010 resort collection in probably one of my favourite recent collections by Lagerfeld (and I still can't believe how many collections he does a year). While this may sound like a massive exaggeration, it's not. This collection makes me want to plan a beautiful vacation and pack the whole collection along with me. Here's a rundown of the vacation I've been fantasizing about.

Oh course, no resort vacation is complete without lounging around the beach in some awedsome swimwear. And a pirate hat to set the mood. And, who knows, it might come in handy.

I've always been much too adventurous and busy to spend all that long lying on a beach, drink in hand. So, of course, the bf and I would have to do a little exploring. In adorable sailor-inspired outfits.

Certain activities may require something other than a swimsuit or sailor dress. So, I'd need to pack these outfits along. Plus they're just as adorable.

As exploring the nightlight of the location in question is a neccessity, something darling and just a tad daring is also neccessary. These dresses are perfect for beach-side drinks.

And the holiday wouldn't be complete without attending at least one fancy event. And, as I'll be unsure of the atmosphere of the location, options are a neccessity. And something dashing for the bf.

What did you think of the resort collection. 2010 already? Sometimes I run the risk of getting ahead of myself as new collections come along.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Gemma Garnham

One of my favourite things about fashion is the amazing amount of talent that exists. While there are a great many talented, well-established designers who show at the big fashion shows, we can sometimes pass over the smaller, up-and-coming designers of equal talent. One of these very talented designers in Gemma Garnham.

When I came across Gemma's line, I knew I had to share it with all of you. The best way I can describe the clothes in 'darkly romantic.' I think the clothes speak for themselves here, but Gemma also kindly answered a few of my questions as well. You can contact Gemma at

1. First things first, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a womenswear designer who is in the process of setting up a small label after realizing to be fully satisfied in my design career I will need to do it all myself! I have just shown my collection at Alternative Fashion Week Show, Spitalfields, London and my outfits will be appearing at Oxford Fashion Week during May. Currently researching for my SS2010 collection and readying the business to launch later in the year.

2. Please tell us a little about your line (inspriations, reason for creating it, etc.).

Taking cue from my Northern (England) roots it looks back to when Northern Industry was at the pinnacle of the Industrial Revolution during the mid to late 1800’s- a period of new beginnings, strength in the British Empire and prosperity moving North of London. Playing with shape and volume creating extravagant silhouettes. Ruffles and frills are in copious supply while billowing sleeve detail adds authenticity to the Victorian homage. I consistently use natural materials. All cloths used in my collection are either: 100% cotton, 100% silk or the softest calves leather. My favourite colour is black, closely followed by grey so these have a strong emphasis in my colour palette. I like to keep things simple but striking colour wise

3. What sort of woman do you envision wearing your clothes?

The woman I am dressing is a strong, independent, stylish woman. She isn’t a slave to fashion trends and has a unique style of her own. She power dresses and likes masculine influences, whilst dressing in luxurious fabrics with beautiful, intricate detailing.

4. Having a fashion line, you must know a thing or two about style. What, in your opinion, makes a woman stylish?

In my humble opinion style is all in confidence and the way you conduct yourself. Knowing what suits your shape and being confident to dress however makes you happy and not worrying if it is this seasons ‘trend’ there is nothing worse than a fashion slave who over thinks their look. Style is effortless.

5. Any final advice for readers?

I am still fairly new to Industry myself so I don’t know if I’m qualified to give advice; I need all the advice and help I can get! One thing I would say is be full of steely determination to make things happen and believe in your own creative abilities, the rest you learn!