Friday, May 15, 2009

Time for a holiday

Ahh! Sorry for not updating for so long, I've been busy and crazy and, well, any number of excuses. But, I love you if you manage to find your way back here!

The Chanel 2010 resort collection in probably one of my favourite recent collections by Lagerfeld (and I still can't believe how many collections he does a year). While this may sound like a massive exaggeration, it's not. This collection makes me want to plan a beautiful vacation and pack the whole collection along with me. Here's a rundown of the vacation I've been fantasizing about.

Oh course, no resort vacation is complete without lounging around the beach in some awedsome swimwear. And a pirate hat to set the mood. And, who knows, it might come in handy.

I've always been much too adventurous and busy to spend all that long lying on a beach, drink in hand. So, of course, the bf and I would have to do a little exploring. In adorable sailor-inspired outfits.

Certain activities may require something other than a swimsuit or sailor dress. So, I'd need to pack these outfits along. Plus they're just as adorable.

As exploring the nightlight of the location in question is a neccessity, something darling and just a tad daring is also neccessary. These dresses are perfect for beach-side drinks.

And the holiday wouldn't be complete without attending at least one fancy event. And, as I'll be unsure of the atmosphere of the location, options are a neccessity. And something dashing for the bf.

What did you think of the resort collection. 2010 already? Sometimes I run the risk of getting ahead of myself as new collections come along.


janettaylor said...

Welcome back, Meg! I missed U, darling!

J'adore Chanel collection of course. KL is genius as always! :)


Fashion Moment said...

Hahah, I published a same collection today!


Couture Carrie said...

I love this collection too! And what a fabulous setting for the show!


Eeli said...

haha I'm also guilty of not updating often these past couple fo days but never mind :) Now you've updated an all is well!

That collection is very lovely indeed.

Wiching you well hun :)

Join the Gossip said...

I really like the whole Pilgrim/Quaker look for some strange reason...

Life In Technicolor. said...

hey meg, its been awhile but good to be back! check out catherine holstein if you havent already--her stuff will be RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY.
let me know when youre done, okay!?!?

andrea oxoxx
Life In Technicolor.

Anonymous said...

i often get too far ahead of myself as well :-)

i just did a post about this collection as well. i'm SO in love with it. karl just continuously amazes me.

Adela said...

i love the red gown! so glamourous and fierce! =)

Anonymous said...