Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A girl's best friend isn't diamonds, it's shoes

As promised, today's topic: shoes! These were favourite pairs from net-a-porter and I think they're truly gorgeous. Let's get started.
I absolutely love these Christian Louboutin ankle boots so much! I adored them so much that I couldn't even choose a favourite colour, so I've included both. The black are great and very versatile, while the pink could add an amazing shot of colour into any look.
I really liked the colour contrast in these Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, without them looking silly. It worries me a little though, the backs remind me a bit of cheese graters.
I adore these Halston over-the-knee boots. The colour is cool and I'm definately loving the over-the-knee look!
I think these Jimmy Choo's would be great for a holiday party. They would definately look great with a winter holiday dress!
I was also fond of these open-toe Jimmy Choo ankle boots. The colour is fun and bright and they have just enough sparkle to them.
I love a bit of sparkle for the holiday season and these Pedro Garcia heels don't disappoint. I love the combination of creamy nude with silver sequins. A definate love.
I'm a huge fan of these Pedro Garcia shoes. I'm a huge fan of grey and I think these are the kind of shoes that look even better worn in!
Lastly, I chose these Stella McCartney's for their incredable shape. I couple honestly just stare at them or use them for a cente-piece or something. I find them very artistic. And you could even wear them on your feet.
I hope you like my picks and tomarrow will be seperates and then fortunately/unfortunately (depending on whether you liked them or thought they were a complete waste of time) the net-a-porter shopping spree posts will be over for at least a while. (photos from net-a-porter)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


In honour of the fact that it snowed today (the wet, melty kind, not the nice, Christmas-y kind), I decided to focus my next net-a-porter imaginary shopping spree post to jackets. Winter is nearly upon us and goodness know we'll need them!

I love this 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket. The military styling is gorgeous and I love the colour contrast!
I think this sporty anorak by Adidas by Stella McCartney is great. The short sleeves add interest.

Now, I'm not usually a big fan of Juicy Couture (it brings to mind hordes of people clad in velour sweatsuits), but I have to admit I like this jacket. The pattern is great and it's a fun look.

The zips on this classic K Karl Lagerfeld definately make it for me. They take a classic style and give it just the right amount of edge. I love it!

I'm completely in love with this Marc by Marc Jacobs coat. I said yesterday that it is one of my favourite lines and it's true. I love the girlie colour with a jacket that might look quite military-ish in another colour.

I also really like this blue Mike & Chris jacket. It definately looks easy and practical, the kind of thing you can through on while running out the door, but still look good.
I really like this Mui Mui jacket as well. It look very warm and stylish and, if you're the sort who likes to plan ahead, would be a great transition piece into spring.
The second Mui Mui coat would suit someone trendy. The combination of plaid and purple, along with the interesting texture are definately a lot of fun.
I love the adorable little pearl buttons on this Paul & Joe Sister coat. They add a little sweetness to a black jacket.
Lastly, I chose this Pringle 1815 jacket, mainly for the interesting details. I love the pleating and the buttons!
Watch out tomarrow for my shoe picks!! (photos from net-a-porter)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Net-a-porter shopping spree

I know it's been a little while since I last posted and that's because I went on a multi-day, many hours long shopping spree of net-a-porter. Why? Well, first of all because it's amazing and second of all so I could pass my favourites on to you. However, I ended up picking 123 items so I've done a bit of weeding, but I'm still going to have to spread things out over a few posts/days. So, for my first section, I've chosen: dresses! I know there's a lot but I promise I've trimmed it by a half at least!
I adore this Alberta Ferretti dress. I love the style, love the colour and I bet it would look amazing on. Definately one of my very top picks!

I'm crazy over this Chloe dress. I love the yellow and I think it look amazing layered over the black. Definately something I wish was in my closet.

I love the colours in this Herve Leger. The top is very interesting and, although it reminds me somewhat of bondage, I still like it a lot.
I think this Luella dress is adorable! I find it darkly romantic, yet totally fun at the same time. I really think it's quite lovely.
Speaking of fun, I completely love this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress as well. How could you not have fun wearing this dress out dancing or anywhere?
I couldn't resist adding this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress too. I'm a huge fan of the line and I also this this dress is amazing. I love the unevenness and the great shape.
This Matthew Williamson dress isn't the style I would normally pick but I couldn't help falling in love with it. The colour is great and the embellishment at the neck is simply wonderful!
Another favourite from Matthew Williamson, I love how pretty and femmine this dress is without looking silly.
I love how simple and classic this Micheal Kors dress is and the belt totally sets it off. Wonderful.
I love everything going on in this Moschino dress. It's so interesting and definately looks like pretty/military.
I adore all te ruffles and the bow on this black Moschino. Very lovely!
I love the colour and styling of this Nathan Jenden dress. I'm loving yellow lately and I think the black accents it well without making it look like a bumblebee. I would love to have this dress in my closet!
I love th poppy belt on this T-bags dress. The poppies remind me of Rememberance day, which is coming up, but the dress is beautiful in it's own right.
I'm not usually a big fan of shiney embellishment, but I can't help but love this dress from Temperly London. The colour's great and the sleevs are adorable.
Another Temperly London favourite, I absolutely love the texture in this dress. I think it keeps the dress looking interesting and not too pink.
For getting into the lace trend, this Thurley dress is my pick. I love the large flowers and I think they keep the dress from getting too frilly and hard to wear.
I love the pattern on this Vera Wang dress. I think I've loved purple since I was six and I used to wear my purple gymnastics shirt all the time. Only this is much more chic!
Last but not least, I've chosen this black Zac Posen dress. I know I've shown it before but I'm as in love with it now as I ever was. I honestly love everything about it. The length is great, the neck is amazing, everything is perfect. A grand finale!
I'd love to know what you think of my picks and add any of your own. And I promise the other posts aren't quite this long, but that's for sticking around until the end. (photos from net-a-porter).