Monday, November 3, 2008

Net-a-porter shopping spree

I know it's been a little while since I last posted and that's because I went on a multi-day, many hours long shopping spree of net-a-porter. Why? Well, first of all because it's amazing and second of all so I could pass my favourites on to you. However, I ended up picking 123 items so I've done a bit of weeding, but I'm still going to have to spread things out over a few posts/days. So, for my first section, I've chosen: dresses! I know there's a lot but I promise I've trimmed it by a half at least!
I adore this Alberta Ferretti dress. I love the style, love the colour and I bet it would look amazing on. Definately one of my very top picks!

I'm crazy over this Chloe dress. I love the yellow and I think it look amazing layered over the black. Definately something I wish was in my closet.

I love the colours in this Herve Leger. The top is very interesting and, although it reminds me somewhat of bondage, I still like it a lot.
I think this Luella dress is adorable! I find it darkly romantic, yet totally fun at the same time. I really think it's quite lovely.
Speaking of fun, I completely love this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress as well. How could you not have fun wearing this dress out dancing or anywhere?
I couldn't resist adding this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress too. I'm a huge fan of the line and I also this this dress is amazing. I love the unevenness and the great shape.
This Matthew Williamson dress isn't the style I would normally pick but I couldn't help falling in love with it. The colour is great and the embellishment at the neck is simply wonderful!
Another favourite from Matthew Williamson, I love how pretty and femmine this dress is without looking silly.
I love how simple and classic this Micheal Kors dress is and the belt totally sets it off. Wonderful.
I love everything going on in this Moschino dress. It's so interesting and definately looks like pretty/military.
I adore all te ruffles and the bow on this black Moschino. Very lovely!
I love the colour and styling of this Nathan Jenden dress. I'm loving yellow lately and I think the black accents it well without making it look like a bumblebee. I would love to have this dress in my closet!
I love th poppy belt on this T-bags dress. The poppies remind me of Rememberance day, which is coming up, but the dress is beautiful in it's own right.
I'm not usually a big fan of shiney embellishment, but I can't help but love this dress from Temperly London. The colour's great and the sleevs are adorable.
Another Temperly London favourite, I absolutely love the texture in this dress. I think it keeps the dress looking interesting and not too pink.
For getting into the lace trend, this Thurley dress is my pick. I love the large flowers and I think they keep the dress from getting too frilly and hard to wear.
I love the pattern on this Vera Wang dress. I think I've loved purple since I was six and I used to wear my purple gymnastics shirt all the time. Only this is much more chic!
Last but not least, I've chosen this black Zac Posen dress. I know I've shown it before but I'm as in love with it now as I ever was. I honestly love everything about it. The length is great, the neck is amazing, everything is perfect. A grand finale!
I'd love to know what you think of my picks and add any of your own. And I promise the other posts aren't quite this long, but that's for sticking around until the end. (photos from net-a-porter).


penelope said...

DRESSES! I'm OBSESSED WITH THEM! And everyone of Warehouse's creations!

Loved the Alberta Ferretti and Luella one; OF COURSE! Temperely wins hands down!

The Clothes Horse said...

Swoon! So many pretty frocks to fall for.

Crave said...

ooh la la! these are smashing dresses!! can't wait for all the holiday parties to dress up!

thanks for the comments on my blog and my sincerest apologies for the delay in getting back to you!

Iheartshoes said...

I can get lost in dresses for hours! This year there are so many whimsical frocks for a girl to choose from. I love the red Temperely. (I think it was Temperely).