Sunday, February 28, 2010

Outfit photos

Sorry for the break between posts, but things have been a bit busy for me lately and last night I meant to post, but I fell asleep. So two outfit pictures for you guys (and one not even taken in my usual spot)!

I have to say congratulations to Canada's Olympic Athletes! I heard we broke a record for most golds won by a host nation or something. Cool. And that men's hockey game for a nail-biter (not that I watched it, but I was walking past a bar when Crosby scored. Definately heard crazy cheering, even from outside.

My mom got me a couple of patterned tights last time she went shopping (since she know I love tights and they were like 70% off) and the weather was gorgeous this weekend, so I tried out both pairs.

Dress: Sisley
Sweater: Espirit
Tights: Hue
Boots: Shelly's

Dress: Gap
Top : TNA
Blazer: Espirit
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Joe Fresh Style

Oh, and in other news, my parents bought a new horse. He should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm excited to go see him next weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The day after a sick day

Yesterday was a sick day for me. I got an infection and the doctor said I'd better stay home. So I chilled out and took a giant 3 hour nap and generally sat around feeling sorry for myself. Today I went to work since I was feeling mostly better and because I don't get sick days! I'm already going into work on Saturday to make up for yesterday (because I need the money)!

Today I dressed up a bit for work (although I didn't wear these shoes, since I have to wear steel-toes at work). I wore the same outfit about week ago (with different shoes), but oh well. It's my nice work outfit!

Cardigan: Jacob
Top: Kersh
Pants: Espirit
Shoes: Joe Fresh Style

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sale Finds

First of all, sorry again for being a little slow updating the blog and really slow getting to all of your lovely blogs. I'm working on it!

Second, last weekend I did some shopping at Superstore and decided to stop in to the clothing department. As usual, I found some cute things and many of them were marked down 50% or more (and since they're cheap to start with, they were next to nothing. I ended up getting two tops and a pair of shoes. Then on Thursday my mom can into town and we did some shopping again. I got a sweater, a jacket and a trench coat, so I am set. I actually need jeans, but no luck there. Anyways, I decided to take photos of my new pieces. Jean worn thoughout are French Connection and shoes are new from Joe Fresh Style.

Outfit 1: top from Joe Fresh Style

Outfit 2: jacket from Espirit
top from Joe Fresh Style

Outfit 3: sweater from Espirit

Outfit 4: coat from Gap

Outfit 5: top from Joe Fresh Style

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

School Girl Style

Sorry, I decided to take most of last weekend off (and I took yesterday off work, so it counts as part of the weekend for me). Anyway, I'm back. I've looked through only a small portion of the NYFW shoes and I've noticed a definate trend already: School Girl Style. Blame it on my Gossip Girl withdrawl, but I'm definately liking this trend. Oh, and in other news, I am the winner of Kellie from Playing Dress Up's amazing giveaway to win this gorgeous necklace made by ChinaCherie. I am so excited. And it will certainly fit with these preppy outfits. School Girl looks are from Behnaz Sarafpour, Cynthia Steffe and DKNY (Photos from and

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

First, sorry for being a bad blogger the past few days. Secondly, happy Valentine's day everyone! I hope everyone's has been fun. Mine's been pretty laid back. Chilled out and stept in, went out for lunch (at A&W), went to the mall and bought extremely cheap cases of pop at Zellers, came home and chilled out some more, playing computer games and such. Oh, and the bf is making ribs. The should be done at like 2am. He runs on a weird schedule, that boy, but he is on reading week, so it doesn't really matter. Here was my outfit, nothing fancy, since V-day is not really a big deal in our house.

Shirt: Jacob Connection
Tank: Tommy Hilfiger
Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Tights: Gap
Boots: Shelly's

On Friday I covered for the receptionist at my work, which meant I could dress a little nicer. So here's my version of corporate wear. Except the shoes, which I kept fun (and I am a little sick of boots.

Top: Kersh
Pants: Espirit
Shoes: Keds

Oh, and I'm post some fashion week stuff up soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

The world has lost an incredibly amazing and talented designer. When I first started to become interested in fashion, I was drawn to McQueen right away and have continued to be a huge fan. He was so innovative as a designer and will leave a huge hole in the industry. Gosh, I feel so crappy, I don't even feel like posting anything else. Here are some of my favourite things he did. (Photos from

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Tonight I'm having hotdogs for dinner! I'm excited because I love hotdogs! And don't bother telling me where they come from, I grew up on a ranch, I'm tough to gross out. So, first things first (if you don't include the hogdog lovin'), I was lucky enough to receive the Princess award from the Trendy Fashionista! Thanks so much you lovely lady!
#1-Thank the person who gave you the award and include a link to their blog. Thanks again to the Trendy Fashionista.

#2-Mention an author you love: Holly Black
#3- Mention an author you like: David Eddings
#4- A book you love: Tithe by Holly Black
#5-Something that always thrills you: Jumping on my horse. It feels like flying!
#6-Something you hate: Cruelty
#7-Pass the award onto 7 other blogs:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Monday

Ugh, sometimes I hate Mondays. Tonight was my fashion design class, but I was an idiot and forgot all my stuff at home (I usually go straight from work). That would have been fine and I would have been on time if I hurried, but then I had to work 40 minutes late. And working 40 minuted late would have been fine, except I forgot all my stuff at home! So I ended up being 30 minutes late (since my house is completely in the wrong direction). It was ok in the end though, I don't think I missed too much. And a girl fainted! It was really scary! One minute she was standing there getting her pants fitted and the next she was lying on the floor! She was fine though in the end. Also, I think I have a good fit on my pants, which is exciting for the next portion: designing! (Up until now we have been drafting and draping). Anyway, here's my outfit from today. The sweater is one of the things I bought on Saturday and I love it! It kind of makes me feel like a sailor! I'm ready for spring though. I'm getting sick of my two pairs of boots.

Sweater: Jacob
Jeans: nobody
Boots: Pajar

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Today I was super lazy. I did hardly anything until about seven pm, when I drove my bf to his work where he had about a half hour of stuff to do. I went to the nearby London Drugs and browsed until the closed and ended up buy 2 containers of shaving cream (it was buy one, get one free) and a new nail polish I'm planning to try out tonight. I'm planning on wearing one of my new sweaters tomarrow, so expect an outfit post then. I've been doing a lot of outfit posts lately, I hope you are enjoying it! Oh and I love this necklace because it reminds me of the Little Mermaid. You know, the one Ursula keeps Ariel's voice in?

Top: Paul Frank
Skirt: homemade
Boots: Shelly's
Necklace: gift from Mexico

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shopping outfit

Today I hung out with the bf, went out to lunch and Wendy's (a friend works there) and went to the mall. I bought a few things (which will be in upcoming outfit posts I'm sure) and actually got a few compliments from various salesgirls. One on the owl ring, one on my bag and a kind of all-over one when the girl said about genie pants that were coming in "You already have abunch of the funkier pieces to go with it. You'll be able to just throw it together." Which I took as a good compliment :)

Dress: Gap
Leggings: Members Only
Boots: Shelly's (I learned today that it only has 1 e)
Bag: Aldo

Friday, February 5, 2010

Denise Gr√ľnstein photography

Thank goodness it's finally the weekend. Finally I will get to live in the light (it's dark when I get off work)! Here's my outfit from today. Oh, and my poor old necklace broke when I was taking it off tonight! One of the hazards of vintage I guess.

Tshirt: West49
Hoodie: Community
Jeans: nobody
Boots: Shelley's
Necklace: vintage

Oh, and I wanted to share these amazing )and somewhat creepy) photographs by Denise Grunstein. It love the elements of fantasy in these, but don't look at them right before you go to sleep! (Photos from

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Red Coats

Lately I've been getting lots of compliments on my red winter coat, so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone! I like how the coat cheers me up on icky winter days and I love getting sweet comments! But now, being a bit of a greedy-boots, I want this amazing red coat from Sonia Rykiel's Pre-Fall 2010 collection. It's so amazing! I love the length and the pockets and the cozy looking fur (I wonder if it's real?)! (Photo from

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tacoless Tuesday

So I woke up this morning wondering why I'd set my alarm, since I was completely certain it was Saturday. Yikes! I was mighty disappointed when I realized it was really only Tuesday. Plus I had a super boring training at work for two and a half hours and now I'm freezing cold and have a serious craving for tacos! But I think I'll have an ultra-late dinner (the bf doesn't finish school until 9pm on Tuesday) of stirfry. Yummy! I took my camera to work and tried to snap some pictures on my lunch break (since I wanted outside pictures, but it's dark when I get home), but the spot I chose was on a road that was a lot busier than I though and I go a little embarrassed (especially when the guy you can see walking in the background looked at me funny). So I only took a few shots and the lighting is kind of bad since I didn't pay attention to where the sun was. Oh well.

Coat: H&M
Jacket: Buffalo
Tshirt: Gap
Jeans: nobody
Boots: Shelley's
Bag: Aldo

Monday, February 1, 2010

Finally February

Well, it's finally February, the shortest month, and then on to March, which means the beginning of spring (even though nothing really grows here until April and we tend to get snowstorms in May, but that's besides the point)! Did anyone (or everyone) watch the Grammy's? I half-watched for a bit, then got bored with the slow pace and commericals (like I always do in awards shows) and stopped. But I just had to post this picture of Lady Gaga. I love her dress. It's avant garde while still being pretty. But her hair, not so much. The colour is all icky and reminds me of what happens when blonde girls colour on their hair with magic marker. Here's what I wore today (aren't I doing good about posting outfits) for work, so it's nothing fancy. And my battery died after only a couple shots, so no detail shots. And I wore my warm boots again because it was snowy yesterday, but it was actually pretty nice today. (Lady Gaga photo from

Top: Roxy
Jeans: French Connection
Boots: Pajar
Coat: H&M
Vest: Juma