Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hey! I just got back from all of my Christmas events and had a enjoyable time at all of them. I hope everyone else had an enjoyable holiday and hopefully the new year will be wonderful as well. Speaking of the new year, I'm planning on showcasing who I consider the ten most well-dressed ladies of 2008. I'm not done conpiling photos yet, so this is more of an update than an actual post. I'm hoping the best-dressed post will be up by Thursday.

Also, if you'd like to see what stylish items I recieved for Christmas and the ones I picked out myself on Boxing Day, I will be posting photos on Cookies N Cream.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Anne Hathaway

I've been a fan of Anne Hathaway since the Princess Diaries came out. However, I haven't always been a fan of her style. However, she is in the midst of a re-invention and I think things are changing for the better. Especially if these photos from Vogue are any indication. (Photos from style.com).

Monday, December 15, 2008

Scandal House Designs

In my last post I talked about a great site called UsTrendy. Today I'm going to introduce a great designer I discovered there: Sheri from Scandal House Designs. Sheri's clothes are designed to take you from the office to the night club, meaning they are very versatile and can be styled any way you'd like. Another great thing is that Scandal House Designs is based in Canada (just like me)!

I really like these designs as they are sophisticated and polished, but by no means boring. I think they have the perfect mix of polish and edge. Check out the clothes here or purchase them online here. (Photos from scandalhousedesigns.com).

Friday, December 12, 2008


I've written another axam and my last one is on Wednesday. I'm very excited to be done. I've decided to scrap the idea of an advent calendar because I feel like it's not really adding anything to my posts and it just didn't work out the way I thought it would.

Have you always wanted to be the in-the-know girl? You know, the one who was the first on the block to wear skinny jeans? Well, now you can be the first to know about the designer destined to be the next big thing ages before everyone else. UsTrendy is a new site full of up-and-coming designers. Designers post designs, allowing fashionistas rate them and the designer with the most popular look can win a weekly or seasonal prize. Designers are currently vying for the Spring 09 prize of $3000, including promotion and and production of their design. So if you're a aspiring designer hoping to be discovered or a fashionista looking for unique and up-and-coming designs, check out UsTrendy!

Us Trendy: Models, Fashion, Design & Art Portfolios. Today's Inspiration Tomorrow's Trend.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 10: Disney Du Juan

Vogue China's Icons Awards were recently held in Beijing where Supermodel Kate Moss came away a big winner. Other winners were actress Maggie Cheung, photographer Mario Sorrenti and Jennifer Woo, president of Lane Crawford. As well, a tribute to the late Yves Saint Laurent was held. While Kate Moss was the big winner, I wasn't particularly struck on her dress. Now, don't get me wrong, I think Kate Moss looks amazing in anything, but I just think she could have made a better choice. My outfit pick of the event (and todays advent theme) was Du Juan, whose dress was gorgeous and who even had a couple of very familiar escorts (Photos from style.com).

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 9: Transeasonal

I wrote my first final exam; only 2 more until holidays! Today's topic is "transeasonal," which is the term Donna Karan used to describe her latest collection, rather than simply "pre-fall." Whatever the name, I thought it was a darling little collection. I really like the impression of feminine softness that I got as I looked through the designs. Below are few of my favourite looks, though the collection includes more colour than I've shown. I think the black sleeveless look is my favourite. (Photos from wwd.com).

Monday, December 8, 2008

Four-in-one package

So I finally have my USB back and now I'm three days behind on my advent calendar so today you get four treats instead of one. Just like when you were younger and you went away for the weekend and then when you can home, you got to catch up on your advent calendar (assuming your brother didn't eat the chocolates for you).

December 5: Black and White

I've always been a big fan of this classic combination and I think this great look from Banana Republic is just great. (Photo from bananarepublic.com).

December 6: Blazer

I'm starting to wonder if I should invest in a great blazer. I keep thinking of great ways in incorporate it into my daily style and I think it would be a great investment. Perhaps I should start with this lovely one from Brian Reyes. (Photo from shopbop.com).

December 7: Pencil Skirt

I'm a huge fan of pencil skirts, though I've notice most of the skirts I own have more volume. It's on my list for Boxing Day shopping for certain. I think this one from DNKY is a great place to start. (Photo from shopbop.com).

December 8: Brights

Anyone who knows me know I'm a sucker for bright colours and, in this case, brighter is better. If I had these jeans from 4 stroke, I would smile every time I looked in my closet (they come in pink as well). They're very bright and I think they could work great in an edgy look. I absolutely adore them. (Photo from shopintuition.com).

I hope you saw something you liked in my picks and hopefully I won't lose my USB again and I can try to spread the posts out rather than cram them all in one.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Sorry I've missed a few days, but Friday was the last day of classes and I've just been very busy studying for finals and so on. Plus I realized I left my USB with all of my photos and such for the advent calendar at school, so hopefully I can pick that up tomarrow.

Anyway, Chanel Pre-fall came out recently and I've decided to showcase my favourite looks. According to style.com, Karl Lagerfeld's theme for the collection was "Paris-Moscou" and it was inspired by Coco Chanel's relationship with Russian Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich. I hope you enjoy! (Photos from style.com).

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Decmber 4: shirtdress anyone?

Today I've decided to feature a plaid shirtdress I'm rather fond of. It's by Mink Pink and I really like it. I think it would look great with leggings or jeans or even on it's own if you were daring. I think I might be finally falling for that plaid trend we're seeing. (Photo from shopbop.com)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3rd: Swinging skirts

Not feeling well and lots of undone homework leads to short posts. I apologize.

Today's topic is: a pretty swingy skirt. I love skirts and I've been wearing them with tights a lot this fall. So here's today's pick, a black and white Abaete skirt. (Photo via shopbop.com).

December 2: Something unexpected

Sorry it's going to be a short post today: I'm swamped with end-of-term assignments plus, to top it all off, I woke up with a bad cold this morning. Anyway, today's advent calendar item is something I don't usually like beyond a jacket and a bag: Leather! I've specifically chosen a colourblocked leather dress from Alice + Olivia. I really like this dress and could definately see it as an interesting addition to my wardrobe. I especially like the top colour, it's one of my favourites. Time to add to that Christmas list. (photo from shopbop.com)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Advent Calendar!

First I'd like to apoligize for my unfortunate habit of disappearing. Anyway, I've decided to do an advent calendar of posts for December because, let's face it, I love Christmas.

Today's item in one at the top of my list (I've already instructed my boyfriend that he can get me these to simplfy his shopping): Slippers! There are few things better than snuggling your feet into a nice warm pair of slippers so I chose my favourites.

I really like these two pairs from Daniel Green. The brown and blue look lovely together and that pair just makes me want to slip them on immediately. I'm also fond of the pattern on the other pair. It's very pretty, though they don't scream comfort the way the first pair does. (Photos from shoebuy.com)

These slipper booties from La Senza look warm, comfortable and adorable. Great for people who love bright colours and cupcakes! (Photo from lasenza.com).

These red cable booties from La Vie en Rose scream comfort to me as well. The pom poms are a cute addition and I can definately see myself curling up by the fireplace with a cup of cocoa in these. (Photo from lavieenrose.com).

These are the kind of slippers you can wear straight out of the house. (Photos from softmoc.com).

Victoria's Secret is a standby for sleepwear and lingerie and these great slippers show why. There were so many great prints I couldn't narrow it down and so I had to include my three favourites. (Photos from victoriassecret.com).

Let me know what's topping your wishlist this holiday season and I may be able to do an advent for it. Either way, it's always fun to share!