Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2 More Sleeps Until ArtWear and a very late Tag

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I just wanted to remind anybody in the Calgary area about ArtWear, which is taking place this Friday. I'm really excited for this event and I promise to try to take as many photos as I can to share with all of you.

Next, the lovely Carolyn from Not Your Average Stylista tagged me a while ago for this award/tag. Sorry I am so late!


1. Tell 7 things that you don't already know about me.
2. Name 7 other blogs to receive this award
3. Leave a comment on each of the blogs I nominated Thank the person who gave you the award.

7 Things you might now know about me

1. I have a B.Sc. (Hon.) degree in Ecology, but I'm considering going back to school someday for either Education or Fashion Design.

2. I've been riding horses competitively since I was six or seven years old. I haven't gone to any competitions for a couple years, but plan to go to some next spring!

3. I am a tea-oholic. I drink it everyday, usually multiple cups!

4. When I was younger I used to hate wearing dresses and now I love to.

5. My favourite food is berries (especially blueberries and raspberries).

6. I am seriously considering extending my closet to include the shelves in our masterbath.

7. I currently live with my high school sweetheart. We have been dating for 3 1/2 years.

I'm tagging anyone who hasn't done this yet and wants too!


e.l. said...

You must be excited! Hope you have lots of fun.

Valencia Lia said...

Woww,can't wait to see photos from the event that you're going !

And congrats on the award:) I love love those facts about you <3

Timeless Fashion... said...

I am a tea-holic too! I am having one right now:)

janettaylor said...

Congrats on the award, my dear!


e.l. said...

I think it so cool that you live with your high school sweetheart.

Thanks for the note too.

the oaks said...

I hope you have a great time. Love your list. I love fresh raspberries. Especially, from my Dad's garden.


Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog!!

Thanks for comment on mine :) Great choice,I really like Christian Cota's collection too! The colors are beautiful and I love the diffent textures ofthe fabrics and the different prints :)

kirstyb said...

well done on the blog award x

Marian said...

hope you are having a good week.