Tuesday, June 23, 2009

101st post

So my last post marked my 100th post, but I didn't mention it because I talked about so much other junk. So, I'll talk about it now. Yay Pudding and Pie, I love you and I'm sorry I have a tendency to neglect you sometimes. Good thing you're not a child. Is it weird to address a post to your blog? Oh well.

Anyway, I offered to answer what ever questions you had for me and here are the answers (don't worry, there's not too many questions):

So, where does your blog name come from?

Well, to be perfectly honest, it comes from my love of alliterations and nursery rhymes (I used to know them all and still probably remember most). When I started this blog, I thought of it as sort of a prelude to starting e-zine or magazine and I thought Pudding and Pie would be a catchy name. Things have changed since then and my blog has become much more personal, with outfit posts and some convoluted stories about my day, as well as fashion from top designers and brands, as well as up-and-comers.

Sorry it ended up having way too much information for the question!

What does the perfect night for you look like?

For this one, I would have to say a costume party. I love dressing up and I love playing games with my friends (our parties are usually more of games nights rather than raging keggers or something). So it would be throwing together an awesome costume, playing Apples to Apples, eating junk food and laughing until my face hurts.

Who is your favourite designer?

I'm afraid I'm a little unoriginal on this one, but I would have to say John Galliano. He is simply amazing. My favourite things from him are the Dior Couture. Alexander McQueen and Zac Posen are right behind him though.

What is your favourite purchase?

My all time favourite purchase actually has nothing to do with fashion (gasp). It would be my wonder horse Scarface. I love you so much Scarfie! Fashion-wise, this question had me running to my closet and surveying the contents. Besides my grad dress, which doesn't count, since my mom bought it for me, I would have to say my brown winter boots from Aldo. They are pretty and comfortable and warm and wonderful.

So that's it for my Q & A session. My clothes fro today were super casual, as all I did was laze around, clean my house and go to the grocery store. But this comfy outfit is perfect for that kind of day.

Jeans - Bluenotes
Shoes - Keds
Top - homemade
Purse - no label

Also, other exciting news! I won a giveaway from the wonderful Ayla from Pomegranate & Patchouli. I'm super excited to get my Margo Morrison pearl
earrings. Yay!


Winnie said...

Well done on the milestone!

I always wonder about people's blog names. Mine came from an Incubus song I absolutely adored and it kind of stuck. Plus it sounds nice!

janettaylor said...

Lovely post, Honey! Thanks for sharing...


Alexandria J said...

That's such a cute name for your horse!

E said...

I love John Galliano, too :-)

Francie. said...

it's good to know more about someone. well done at reaching 100 posts! I still; havent reached 50 haha.. or 20 for that matter.

yiqin; said...

Wow, 101! Congrats! :D

modediktat said...

Hi there!!
First one all off: CONGRATS!! :-D
Then thank you very much for your comment on my blog!
I love your blog - the title is really bombastic and it keeps in mind. Lovely post!
Let's keep in touch, wishing you a wonderful weekend!
xoxo, sofie

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks really cute in the pictures :)... also loved to read the answers.

Fashion Moment said...

Perfect post!
I tagged you, dear


love and youth said...

i think pudding and pie is pretty catchy so well done! x

K8 said...

I love dressing comfy!

shopgirl28 said...

Nice interview. Congratulations on your 101st post.



And It seems you are having a great time...I am happy for you!

Kisses and hugs dear friend :)

Adela said...

nice pictures!