Monday, March 23, 2009

emerging thoughts

I apoligize for my absence, but I'm super excited about todays post. Through the wonder of MySpace, I found out about a great little independent boutique selling pieces by independent designers. Along with my picks from the website, I also conducted a mini interview with the lovely owner, Lauren.

1. First of all, let's hear a little bit about yourself.
I grew up in Miami, Florida and currently live in Chicago, IL. I used to
be bored with going to malls and finding the same outfits and brands.
Everyone looked like carbon copies of each other. I started looking
online for independent designers and more original clothing. I created because I wanted to offer an online boutique
that gave people the chance to support these designers.

2. Please tell me a little about your shop.
Every item was created by an independent designer. Most of the stuff is
one of a kind. It's pretty cool to buy a one of a kind outfit, knowing
you'll never walk into the room and find someone else wearing the same

We recently added a vintage section. I travel a lot and am always looking
for great finds. All of the pieces were handpicked by me.

3. Why should I shop at
I think that many people shop at chain and department stores because
they're easily available. Most cities don't have boutiques or vintage
shops. People don't realize they can have one of a
kind clothing. If you had to chose between a $60 mass produced dress or
a $60 one of a kind, handmade dress, wouldn't you chose the latter? Most
people don't realize that the option is available. is a good site to find original clothing.

We also think it's important that we're in tune with our customers. 60
year old out of touch businessmen aren't running the company. Everyone
associated with the site is similar to our shopper.

6. Tell me a little about the DIY tutorials on your site.
We want to teach people how to create one of a kind designs on a budget.
We know that not everyone has $60 to spend on a dress. Our tutorials
feature very cheap ways to reconstruct or design something and usually
only require old items from a closet, scissors, and a creative mind.
We hope the tutorials promote creativity.

Any final advise for our readers?
Support independent businesses!

Also, Lauren has kindly offered 10% off to you! Just enter the code EMERGING2009! (photos from


Couture Carrie said...

Fantastic interview and discount! Thanks for sharing this. Btw, how cute is that necklace?


janettaylor said...

I adore handmade and unique clothes. Superb clothes, thank U for sharing. :)

xoxo: Janet

DaisyChain said...

Fantastic, thank you for sharing your great find.

WendyB said...

Nice find.