Friday, October 24, 2008

Green Machine

So I'm sure anyone who's watched tv or open a fashion magazine can tell that a lot of people are started to get excited about green clothing. I'm starting to definately get excited about green fashion. Finally clothes that are easier on the environment are also pretty and fashionable and now you have more options that simply the hippie look. Below are some of my favourite looks from green designers.

Anna Cohen: I love these designs! I'm so glad that they're beautiful and environmentally friendly! Heck, I would love these even if they weren't "green" and isn't that the point!

BTC Elements: I thought this was really cute and it's actually made out of salvaged fabric.

del forte: Amazing jeans! I haven't had a chance to try any on, but I'm planning to go to one of the ecostores that carries them because I think they're amazing and adorable!

edun: Cute t-shirts. I love the leaf/heart. It's adorable and follows the eco-theme.

elroy: Again, clothes I would love even if they weren't eco-friendly. I love the jacket!

Grace & Cello: Adorable jacket and in one of my favourite colours! Maybe planning ahead for next spring...

Stewart + Brown: I love the denim suit (not old-fashioned and dated - Joe from project runway could have learned from this) and the knit sweater.

On another environmentally-friendly fashion note, I'm going to be helping out backstage at the "Sustainability is Sexy" fashion show on November 1. I'm definately sooo excited. If you happen to be in Calgary next weekend, you should definately drop by! (photos from designer's websites) <3

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