Monday, October 27, 2008

Toronto Fashion Week

In case you didn't know, I'm from Canada and I love Canadian fashion. As such, I was very excited about Toronto Fashion Week. Although I couldn't make it (it would involve flying basically across the country in the middle of midterm season, but hey, I can still dream), I did hunt high and low for some pictures of the great collections. I am so pround that these designers are from Canada and I wish them all of the best. Please note that there are quite a few photos in this one. (Photos from CTV, Krist Papas and geekigirl's Flickr)

I love the colours of these three gowns from Andy The-Anh. I think the three of them coming down the runway together looks amazing. The one on the left is probably my favourite of the three.

I love this skirt so much, I think it's amazing. I also love how darkly romantic the whole look is, especially with the hat.

I also really liked David Dixon's spring collection. First of all, the atmosphere of the show looked amazing (I love the colour of the sky and the big tree) and the cloths did not disappoint either. I think the scaly dress has an awesome texture and I love the movement of the black skirt. the red dress also has a great print to it.

I was also very fond of this look from Denis Gagnon. I love white for spring and the shape of the skirt is definately cute.

Gsus looked like the most entertaining show to be at in Toronto this year, what with some models kissing in the middle of the runway and others giving rude gestures as they strut down the runway. Not to mention that the clothes were great. I love the bright colours and the wide-leg jeans.

The designs by Lucian Matis were lovely as well. I love the splashes of colour on the gown (not to mention the off-kilter bow) and the mixture of pale yellow and pink is really pretty too.

The next collection I liked was Morales. I love the pretty colours and the delicate spring dresses. The headpieces are pretty amazing too!

I adore the retro-inspired looks at Pink Tartan. I prints are lovely and I think the clothes are incredably glamerous in a classy, old-fashioned way without looking like you're dressing up for Blast from the Past Day (did anyone else have those in school? So much fun. Anyway...).

I love this coat and bag from Rudsak. The coat is crisp and white, but doesn't end up looking like a lab coat (trust me, I'm a science major and my lab coat is nowhere near this chic).

The Thien Le show looked absolutely gorgeous. I love the red dress, it reminds me so much of Flamenco, which is insanely sexy in a completely non-vulgar way (always important). Plus the yellow background is amazing!

I hope you enjoy these styles as much as I do and let me know what you think. I'm planning on posting some of the cool street style I found spotted at the shows (not by me, unfortunately). As well, I bought an amazing green wool skirt over the weekend and I can't wait to show it off. I tried taking some photos, but the colour came out funny, so I'm hopefulling going to get some outside shots of it tomarrow.

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