Sunday, September 21, 2008


Gosh, I didn't realize how much it sucks when life gets in the way of fun stuff like fashion blogging. Anyway, I'm back, hopefully for good this time, and might just love fashion a little more than when I left.

Anyway, I decided to start back on one of my favorite things: Gossip Girl! Of course, I watch it for the drama (I've even managed to get my boyfriend hooked), but the fashion definately makes things more interesting. Here are my picks from the new season thus far.

And thus far in the season, Blair has remained my favorite Upper East-Sider (fashion-wise at least). My personal favorite is the green dress (since I'm still loving green).

Second place so far this season (for me at least) goes to Chuck Bass. Vests and jackets are just classy (even if he isn't always).

What do you all think?? I would love to hear from people since I've been gone and would love to know what's going on in the fashion-blogging world. (all photos from


Allure said...

I love Chuck's style, I think he's my favourite from the whole show.

Couture Carrie said...

I loved the green dress too! And the headbands are getting even more fantastic this season!