Tuesday, July 22, 2008

... A night at the opera

You'll have to excuse my last (excited) post. Minutes after I posted it, I realized the gorgeous reference I had set up for myself. As the titles of the Queen albums go: Day at the Races, Night and the Opera. So, here we are.
Dressing up has always been a big part of going to the opera, though now I've heard it's not nearly as important, unless it's opening night. Having never actually been to the opera (my family has always prefered regular theatre) has not stopped me from planning what I will wear when I finally get the chance. Something on the dressier side and absolutely gorgeous of course! (photos from net-a-porter, askandyaboutclothes.com, NY Met)

Lovely old-fashioned art of what fashionable women wore to the opera in days gone by.
Opening night at the NY Metropolitan Opera.
A selection of the sort of dress I would wear to the opera. I think that the light Burberry one would look very fresh and polished. The silvery grey Alberta Ferretti is my favourite of the group. I absolutely adore it. While wearing black to the opera can feel a bit safe, I think the details on these black dresses (Zac Posen and Temperly London) keep them from being anything but boring.


coco said...

That silvery/grey dress is so stunning. I love it!
Great post.

The Clothes Horse said...

Ah, people do not dress up enough anymore! I love your picks for the opera. I want to wear them with a giant father headpiece too like the vintage illustrations!

G & W said...

omgosh i absolutely adore the burberry! and i would totally dress it up withsoemthing bold since the dress is so clean and simple. gorgeous!

Style Addict said...

Great Post...Beautiful dresses!

CoutureCarrie said...

Beautiful post! I loooove that grey strapless dress. I want to got to the opera now, too!