Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bandwagon Hopping

To be honest, I'm usually a tad wary about the things people rave about. I've been disappointed too many times to simply take their word for it. Such was the case with the Christian Dior Couture show. I had heard people raving about it and seen a few photos, but the full magnitude of just how lovely the collection was didn't hit me until I got a chance to go through the runway photos today. I absolutely fell in love with the collection. Being a girly-girl at heart, I was delighted by the colours and ruffles. Still, there was enough black to anchor the collection. Definately one of my favourite collections of the season!


ExpandForFree said...

Wow, what an interesting fashion statement. To be honest, I think I prefer the Bollywood look.

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coco said...

I really liked the collection. And I'm not normally that excited over Dior!

The Clothes Horse said...

I quite like them. I think I need to put "The Great Gatsby" in and invest in some plum lipstick!

yumiko said...

i also loved those pastels :]]
john galliano always excites me!

Iheartshoes said...

This collection was really special. Some of these dresses were like sculptures. So gorgeous.