Monday, July 21, 2008

A bit of a different angle

I know I usually don't talk about anything personal, but today I can't quite help myself. I'm that excited. I had a run of good shoe shopping (and bought nothing else except a necklace that I was going to wear especially for an event but then decided on my silver jewelry instead). Anyway, within 2 days (Thursday and Friday) I bought 3 pairs of shoes (all on sale to boot and one over 75% off).
The first pair I bought were from a small boutique called Pink Sugar that's less than a block from where I work. I love this purple leather flats and they were more that 75% off because they're old stock (last fall). I love them to pieces (even the way they smell) but unfortunately in my excitement I failed to realize that's they're about a size too small (I swear they felt fine in the store). I've been wearing them anyway and trying to stretch out the leather a bit, so we'll see.
The second pair I bought were a bit of a surprise. They're from "Feet First", a mall shoe store that I've always thought of as a bit of an 'old lady store'. So imagine my surprise when I fell in love with these! I even ended up wearing them to my cousin's outdoor wedding on Saturday (since the shoes I was planning to wear ended up looking silly with my dress).

The last pair I bought are a pair I've been admiring at Browns all spring. Everytime I go in, I look at them so when they were over 50% off and in my size, I had to buy them.

Overall, it was a good couple days, though the fact that the purple ones don't fit that well is a bummer. I think the black sandals are my favourites, even though I've been keeping my eye on the pink ones all season. Let me know what you think!


Times of Glory said...

Dear, I love love love these shoes! You must know how hard to find a pair of cute and comfy ballerinas! I love all of them! They look stylish and chic xxxxxxxx

CoutureCarrie said...

Those polka dot flats are so cute!
And I just realized that I am on your blogroll (thanks!!) so I added you to mine :)