Thursday, August 6, 2009

Best Dressed on July 2009

The competition was tight last month, but only five lady can be chosen as the best dressed of July 2009. Some are old favourites, while a couple of lady have made thier best dressed debut. And here they are.

1. Emma Watson - Anybody who knows my fashion icons knows that Emma Watson is one of them. She always looks lovely and with the premiere of Harry Potter 6, she had lots of oppurtunity to show off her great style. She looks lovely in both these shots. I'm so in love with the polka dot dress.

2. Michelle Trachtenberg - This girl has got amazing style; she can definately blazers like nobody's business. I also love how she paired a great dress with amazing bright shoes. One of my style icons.

3. Miranda Kerr - There's no way around it, this girl's got style. She always manages to look so amazing and I don't know if I've ever seen her in an outfit I didn't like.

4. Amanda Crew - I have to admit that before I started working on this list, I hadn't heard of Amanda Crew, nor seen any of the films or television shows she has been on. Regardless, she is making her best dressed debut because I love her style. She looks adorable in both of these looks and definately deserves her places on the best dressed list.

5. Scarlett Johansson - I think she is one of the most beautiful actresses working today and this month, she had beautfiul style to match. Scarlett makes her best dressed debut with a couple of great looks that emphasize her hour-glass figure. I love the bright colours and the contrast of black and white she shows.

It was a tough one of call this month and the list of honourable mentions is longer than usual. Honourable mentions: Ashley Tisdale, Audrina Patridge, Diane Kruger, Dita Von Teese, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton (I'm a bit surprised, but she had some lovely outfits for going to court) and Reese Withspoon. (Photos from and

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the oaks said...

There is just something so sweet about Emma Watson that makes her so fresh. I guess. Some very cool contenders.

Thanks for the note, too.

Cait said...

Emma is a amazing.

modediktat said...

Hey sweetie,
thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :) Uuuuh, I'm so sorry to read about your camera mess. Can you fix/replace it? I hope so.
Great collage of female fashion icons. Emma Watson is just adorable and her style is effortless. Miranda Kerr is such a doll! And Scarlett, the bombshell.... She is an amazing babe.
Wishing you a wonderful and sunny weekend! xoxo, Sofie

janettaylor said...

I love Emma Watson dress so much. The first! :-)

Have a great Friday!

Fashion Moment said...

I'm in love with Miranda's looks!


Couture Carrie said...

Fab selections! Especially loving Emma and Miranda!


Adela said...

i love emma watson! did you see her teen vogue cover shoot? one word: AMAZING!!

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

i love scarlett, she is just a perfect mix of innocent and sexy!

simon n josh said...

Some very cool outfits. Hope you have a good weekend.

the oaks said...

Thanks for the note. Did you see 500 days of summer yet? Really one of my favorite movies.

Hope you are getting to relax this weekend. Still allergies are making my nights miserable.

Anonymous said...

I love Emma Watson - she's so cute and stylish. Perfect!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Emma Watson is adorable!
LOVE her vintage Ossie Clark dress she wore a few weeks ago!
And Miranda´s LV bag... unfortunately sold out here but still on my wishlist ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

Winnie said...

I really like the second picture of Emma Watson.

Amelia said...

I love Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson. They have great style.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Emma Watson, Miranda Kerr, and Scarlett Johansson - j'adore their style. Fabulous, fabulous post, darling! :)

e.l. said...

Scarlett always looks like a starlet. Great post!

the oaks said...

Thanks so much for the note. I am a big joseph gordon-levitts fan, I have a few of his movies. He made a movie with zoey a few years ago where they meet at this Teen rehab place. He has these anger issues and she has some sort of complex about herself. It was quite a drama.

Of course, I have my own drama going with Anita.

Yes, I'm coughing my way through this allergy stuff. Hope you are having a good weekend

simon n josh said...

Its good to hear from you. Truth be told I just started writing and it happened. I hadn't really planned on the story falling into something like this..but I liked it. Hopefully, families don't have ordeals like this, but of course, now its probably more complicated for Newt than it is Amy.

Thanks again.

The Clothes Horse said...

Emma Watson and Scarlett look lovely. I still don't see the appeal of Miranda Kerr...but it's probably just me.