Sunday, January 4, 2009

Best dressed of 2008

Thanks for your patience, but I've finally completed my decisions for the best dressed of 2008. It was a bit harder than I thought and I had to cut some ladies I thought were very stylish last year, but that's the nature of a top ten list I guess. Some of the ladies missing may surprise you, as may some of the ladies present (a few even surprised me! I didn't remember them being that stylish!). Anyway, here we go! (Photos from and

10. Kate BeckinsaleI like Kate's style, both on and off the red carpet. She always looks polished and sophisticated.

9. Michelle Trachtenberg
This is one of the girls that I was surprised to find on my top ten list. However, I must give her credit, she looks lovely in all of these photos and has great taste in skirts and dresses.

8. Chanel Iman
The first of the models that made the list, Chanel looks great off the runway, as well as on it.

7. Taylor Momsen
The only gossip girl to make the list and probably not the one you expected. I like Taylor's style, though it tends to be on the short side, I think this keeps her look youthful and keeps her from looking too old.

6. Heidi Klum
One of the most beautiful women alive, Heidi could wear a potato sac and look amazing.

5. Jessica Stam
The second model on the list, I love Jessica's off-runway style. She looks so great!

4. Rachel Bilson
Rachel looks great dressed up or dressed down. She wears demin amazingly.

3. Coco Rocha
The final model on the list, I love Coco style off the runway. She always looks so polished.

2. Emma Watson
Another surprise. When I started to really look at her outfits, I fell in love with all of them. And Karl Lagerfeld apparently called her a genius.

1. And the winner is: Kate Hudson
It seems to me that Kate can do no wrong. Even when she does make a fashion mis-step, she comes back better than ever.

Thanks everyone for checking out my list. Let me know where you agree and disagree!


Fashion Tidbits said...

they're all some lovely ladies

Kira Fashion said...

I choose Rachel Bilson :)

a kiss friend and happy 2009!

yiqin; said...

Brilliant picks. I just don't really like taylor momsen!! :/


darling great post,coco looks gorgeous.Heidi's white dress is fabulous.Chanel iman always picks very elegant pieces.
big kiss dear,

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Ooooh I like! Not sure on Kate Hudsen though, she's never really struck me as stylish though I don't really dislike anything she's worn either!

Chester said...

All of those people's pictures are beautiful.
Thanks for the comment on my blog by the way. It is very much appreciated.

Mon Chérie said...

Gotta love Michelle Trachtenberg ;)

FELICITY [!] said...

oh i LOVE all these ladies,
but i especially like chanel iman, her style seems very effortless yet chic :)
lovely blog xo

The Clothes Horse said...

I like your picks! Taylor Momsen is fun.

Couture Carrie said...

Awesome post! I totally agree with your selections, especially Heidi and Taylor!