Sunday, May 30, 2010


So I'm a little confused by the crazy weather we've been having here. This picture was taken out my parents' window yesterday. It was crazy weather; snowing all day! It's nearly June! I guess that's what makes living in Alberta interesting!

Also, my parents were in Great Falls last weekend and my mom got me a couple new purses I'll show tomarrow. I love presents and my mom said she couldn't decide what colour to get me, so she got both.

It was warmer today and I finally got around to taking an outfit photo. SOrry for the crappy quality, but I was feeling lazy.

Hoodie: Jacob
Jeans: French Connection
Shoes: H&M


meg said...

wow, snow..
brrr..hopefully, its all warm now.

cool stripe hoodie.

FashionJazz said...

Luv your hoodie mixed with your rolled up jeans : ) Hope you have a lovely Monday xx

beckyxoxo said...

Wow snow on June?! It must be cold there! Oh anyway nice shoes ;)

janettaylor said...

Snowing? Brrrrrrrrrr.... :S

nookie said...

snow in june:-s..
hope you weren't cold with those pretty flats!

A Stylish Mixture said...

snow?!?!? Ah!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's snowing where you're at! It's almost 11pm and it's still around 90 degrees where I live! At this point, I almost wish it would snow, lol!


E said...

Uggh, it's finally getting warmer here, but the weather has been really strange this year!!

Today Fashion said...

I want to snow in June. It may be amazing.