Monday, April 5, 2010

Sandra Freij Photography (and happy Easter)

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. My nieces went out to my parents', so I joined them for the weekend to play with the little ones. We coloured eggs, went to Build-a-Bear (a very stressful place for me!) and went on a big Easter treasure hunt. My mom also made a big dinner on Friday and we ate ham sandwiches for the rest of the weekend. Last night the bf and I went to his mom's house for Easter dinner, which was absolutely delicous! I was very full after!

Here's a outfit post, but I can't even remember what day these were take! Maybe Wednesday of last week, but I'm not sure!

Trench coat: Gap
Cardigan: Jacob
Tshirt: West 49
Jeans: nobody
Shoes: Adidas

I also stumbled across Sandra Freij's amazing photography and had to share. Aren't these photos beautiful. I love how they are whimsical, but has a sense of darkness and mystery. (photos from

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ellie said...

I love that second pic of how your coat fans out. Very cool!

Great puffy sleeves in the floral outfit too.

Aw, what fun. Ham for everyone. I'm sure it was really great to have your mom's cooking too..we had loads of wine at our yeah, we were all in a good mood.

meg said...

sounds like a fun time over the holiday. Cool pics too.

lily said...

sounds like a fun holiday. Love the collection you chose too. So mysterious. Love the owl.

Hope Chella said...

Thanks hun :) xx

Ivyoaks said...

That is something I've never done. Build a bear. I guess it would be stressful. Love the coat!

Giovanna ♥ said...

So cute! I love the images :)
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❀ ❤ ❀

janettaylor said...

Amazing photos!

Hope U had a great Easter weekend, dearest Meg!

daisychain said...

I love your outfit, and these photos are wonderful

elliestories said...

wow, great pics from her photography. Sounds like a fun Easter.

Kitty said...

Wow thats a stunning shoot!

Audrey Allure said...

Cute outfit, and the photography is stunning and so inspirational!

xoxoKrysten said...

Sounds like a very fun holiday. Love the pics!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

oh cute pics! I love your jacket :)

Julia said...

The pictures are great! I love photos that are a bit dark and mysterious. I want your trench too!


Jen said...

Gorgeous photography and I love your coat! So perfect for spring.

Sara Lynn said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I really like your shoes and your trench!

Lisa said...

I love your trench coat, tres chic!

H K said...

Lovely photographs thanks for sharing! I like your coat, nice touch to the outfit.