Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So wish I could have gone to Coachella, even if it was just to check of the outfits. Lots of celebs there, but sometimes it's more fun to look at regular people's clothes. I love the tribal look the one girl has going (the info that came with the photo said she got it from her hometown in Africa. Crazy!) and the girl in the spice girls outfit. Amazing! And those other summer dresses make me feel like melting! Photos from style.com.

So my wisdom teeth came out yesterday and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. Honestly, the freezing was worse than the actually pulling (mostly because I hate needles). I was awake the whole time and just kept my eyes closed tight and breathed in my laughing gas. The laughing gas was strange. It didn't make me happy or giddy at all, it just made me a bit more chilled out, though my heart was still racing from time to time. And it smelled weird at first. And right after I left the dentist and was waiting for my dad to get my Tylenol #3's, I felt sick to my stomach and started sweating really bad, but I felt much better by the time I got home. Now I am doing fine. I think that it was not nearly as tramatic as it is for most people and I was totally starving about 5 hours after the operation and chowed down on ice cream for supper. Then I was even able to each some Kraft Dinner (even though I didn't chew it). Unless I try to open my mouth further than necessary, everything is fine. I'm thinking its high time for more ice cream!


Couture Carrie said...

Nice selections! I love the flag dress!


janettaylor said...

I love that polka dot dress. CUTE!


Anonymous said...

Love that flag dress as well!

La C.

Jenny H. said...

yesss i wish i had gone to coachella as well!

oh well there is always next year.

adn thanks for stopping by my blog/commenting.
it means a lot

i lovee reading your blog.

Charlotte said...

Next year target: Coachella!
MMmmmm, ice cream!

LML said...

girls at coachella are just utterly cool!

Eeli said...

Everyone at Coachella looks so damn cute it hurts haha

And really? That happened to you too!? :O lol My teahcer would literally yell at us if they ever caught us up any playground tree. Apparently we could've broken something... pshhhh :P

Laroux said...

I love the way that girl has expertly de-Ginger Spiced that union jack dress with a quirky parasol - love it


Adela said...

i love that parasol!


elena-lu said...

great outfits you picked out from the bunch!

Children of the Nineties said...

That union jack one is so Spice Girls, you're right. I remember getting one just like it after seeing Spice World.

Geri Wu said...

very nice dresses!

xx, Geri

Atenea said...

I love the second dress with the UK flag! Geri from the Spice Girls had one like this.
In Women's Secret (a shop)2 years ago had a bikini and a towel with the UK flag, and i'm unrepented of didn't buy it.
Hugs from Spain

coco said...

I love the bottom left look, that woman has created such a great dress out of that scarf.

Fashion Moment said...

I love 2nd and 3th looks!


Kat said...

the umbrella is so pretty!

Kira Fashion said...

wow! fantastic!

Love the most the england and the african girl! So original to dress in a festival!

Marian said...

what lovely selections.thanks for telling me about your shopping day with your mum on my blog.
happy sunday.
muah x