Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indiana Jones Premier

So, I'll be completely honesy with you, I'm a huge Indiana Jones fan and I am so excited to see the new movie! So, in an effort to conbine my two loves (the other being fashion, of course), I decided to provide you with my honest comments on the outfits worn to the Cannes premier.

Ok, so I think it's fair to start with the star. I certainly don't claim to know much about men's wear, but I think that Harrison Ford looks pretty good, although maybe a touch on the boring side. Maybe a coloured shirt under his jacket? I don't know. I still think he looks good (maybe it's just because I've thought he was the best thing ever since I saw him as Hans Solo when I was a kid). As for Calista Flockhart, Ihonestly like this dress (I wish the picture didn't cut off her feet). It's a pretty colour and the waistband doesn't make the dress look weird (which I find happens a lot). I'm not crazy about the purse, but I don't hate it. Overall, I like the look and the fact that she's with Harrison Ford definately gives her bonus points!

Ok, so on to the other people. First of all, Salma Hayek: I really can't say I even like the dress. For me, it's really bland, despite the accents, which I don't like (especially at the bottom, the straps are ok). The colour is alright, definately my favorite part of the gown and the cut is nothing special. Over all, I can only say that this look is "alright." (Photo is from BBC)

Next is Natalie Portman. She is a juror at Cannes and I have to say that I absolutely love this dress. I love the colour, love the style, love the straps, I love everything about it. It is definately my favorite look out of them all and I have absolutely no criticism (yay!). (Photo is from Huffington Post).

Next up is Cate Blanchett. I like the dress, I'm a big fan of ruffles if they are done right. The dress looks like it has an interesting texture and I would really like it if I could see it up close. As well, I'm still into grey/metallics from this winter, so the colour is good. The only problem I can really see is if it was worn by an everyday person. I think this dress could look awful if it was worn by a bigger woman, since I think the two colours on the hips makes them look wider (you can even start to see it on Cate, though I think she still looks great). (Photo from Huffington Post)

What can I say about Goldie Hawn? I actually am having trouble formulating an opinion on this one. Overall, I think I like the dress, although I can't say I like the bit on her arms (although it definately could have been a lot worse). White is great for spring, it looks very fresh. I also don't really like the idea of sunglasses on a red carpet, but overall, it's pretty good. (Photo from Yahoo Movies)

The next dress is worn by Paz Vega (I honestly haven't heard of her before, I guess she's big in Spain. She was also in Spanlish, which I haven't seen). I like the dress overall, I like the sheen and the colour (I've always been a fan of red and green, it sounds so Christmas-y). However, I don't like the poofy part on her bum. It looks weird and it probably looked even weirder after she sat through the movie. As well, if you look at a picture from the front, the poofiness goes around the sides, but isn't in the front, which makes her hips look wide and strange. Still, it certainly isn't boring or hideous, so I really shouldn't give the dress too hard of a time. (Photo from Yahoo Movies)

The next gown I want to talk about is worn by Elsa Pataky (I've actually never heard of her before either, but that's because she does Spanish films). This dress is the worst of the bunch that I've posted. I absolutely can't stand the detailing, it makes her bust look totally strange. The rest of the gown is alright, though I'm not crazy about the colour or the length. Really though, I can't stop staring at her chest (no, I'm not a perv) because of the weird shiny junk. Definately my least favorite. (Photo from Yahoo Movies)

The last dress I'll talk about is the one worn by Kelly Brook. I really, really like this dress, it's probably my second favorite, after Natelie Portman. It fits her perfectly, I love the colour, I love the style, I love the length. It (and she) is gorgeous and I again have no criticisms whatsoever. (Photo from BBC)

So, I know that there were more I could have done (including Racheal Leigh Cook's scarily pink dress), but I figured that I covered it fairly well. If you want more or have an event you'f like me to cover, let me know. And, as always, I'd love to hear from you, good or bad, so send me an email at I'd love to hear from you. And, as an update, I'm also planning on going reviews of some of the shops in my area (Calgary, Canada), although that won't be until next week, since I have a midterm on Saturday I need to study for (yay for summer university!). If you have any shops in your area you want to share about, send me an email and I'll include post it up!

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coco said...

I get told I look like Calista Flockhart, and I seriously do not think I do
I would also more importantly never wear a dress that dull!